We offer our popular BOBBIN KNOBBIN TM Case with 16 BOBBIN KNOBBINS TM to quilt shops and sewing centers.

Our most exciting offer is our specially designed Shop Hop Package which is perfect for Shop Hops,demonstrations or sample give aways.

In this Shop Hop Package you will receive 144 sample bags in one order. These will be the regular size BOBBIN KNOBBINS TM. Each bag will include: 

1  BOBBIN KNOBBINTM with our instruction card in a 2x3 inch  self closing bag.  

Please email us at admin@bobbinknobbins.com  with your requests.
We do require Tax ID with all wholesale purchases.

Thank you,
Sew Sisters

BOBBIN KNOBBINS is a registered trademark.  Not a toy and not for children under age of 12 years. Probably responsible for new found joy and organization of your messy bobbins.
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