Meet the Sisters

We are 2 sisters and between us, our 4 daughters and  Mom,we collectively own over 30 sewing machines. Which was a lot of bobbins hanging around the sewing rooms in various bowls,boxes and containers.  And since one of us loves to find ways to organize things, we came up with BOBBIN KNOBBINS TM.  Finally we had a way to control and organize those messy bobbins and protect your bobbins.  

After talking to other sewers,quilters and seamstress's we knew we had to share this simple and effective way to tame those messy bobbin threads with others. 

Our BOBBIN KNOBBIN TM cases are made for us in the USA. 

Thank you,
Sew Sisters

BOBBIN KNOBBINS is a registered trademark.  Not a toy and not for children under age of 12 years. Probably responsible for new found joy and organization of your messy bobbins.
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